Welcome to the “LEGGENDA DEI FRATI”


The legend says that in Abbadia Isola, a village not far from Siena in Tuscany, on a distant July night, three friars gathered the best sprouts from their garden and the best fruits from their vines and with these products they prepared a lunch in the large kitchen. They ate and drank so much that they began to sing and dance until late at night. The other friars, unable to sleep nor stop them, decided to close them in the highest room of the tower of the Abbey, but the three never stopped and went on to dance and sing for days and nights. Even now, in the ancient convent, on July 11th, you can hear the the echoes of the three cackling ghost monks still intoxicated by the fruits of their land: herbs, olive oil, bread and wine. The restaurant "La leggenda dei Frati" dedicates its name to this tale. At the beginning we opened this restaurant inside the old abbey in Abbadia Isola in Siena, a place that to me and my wife, who I met on the benches of the Hospitality and Catering college, was a research center that allowed to collect and experiment the large recipe book of the territory,  quickly becoming a culinary laboratory and experimentation of the new Tuscan gastronomy. Today the “new” Leggenda dei Frati is situated in Villa Bardini’s garden, in the stable of the ancient house which in the last century was inhabited by the art collector Stefano Bardini. From the terrace of this house you can embrace the city with a glance: Welcome to Florence, welcome to our home! Filippo Saporito and Ombretta Giovannini.

"Welcome to our home!"

Filippo Saporito e Ombretta Giovannini